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HEY GUYS. Haru wanted a meme, and as a good girlfriendplayer that I am, I am complying! No witty banter in the begining, let's just dart right into this one.

I would have used Usher but I was lazy.

• Comment with your character's name and fandom in the subject line (or the body of the comment for those chillin' with the new layout)
• In the body of your comment, post a bunch of IC confessions about your character as though they're confessing. It can be as serious as "I'm the one who really killed Jane" to as silly as "I chew on my toenails".
• Confessions can be anything, from canon-related to Thor-realted to headcanon-related.
• Other characters respond to your character's confessions and react ICly.
• Thought of more confessions? Feel free to post them in a new comment! Screw keeping it all to one thread.
• Feel free to reverse it, too! You can have your character respond to someone's thread about confessions related to them, if you'd like. Or make a new comment for it. OR WHATEVER.
• Hilarity/angst/crack/drama/romance/shock/horror/etc. PROFIT.
• Yeah idk have fun kids.
Because you're precious to me.


Hey-lo, good Mostly Harmlesspitanians! 2011 is finally coming to a close, huh? It's been a long and awesome year, filled with parties and plot and fun times had by all! Where'd all the time go, right? Welp, since it's been such a long year and there have been so many changes, bumps, swirls, and adventures along the way, it's time for a...


What is this? Well, for the most part we're extremely lazy about keeping personalized CR charts up-to-date, so this post serves as a giant CR chart, a way to cover a lot of ground in one sitting! You can do this any way you see fit - you can use icons, symbols, paragraphs, charts, magic, puppies, lines, dots ... whatever! We all want to know how well or badly characters are getting along, inner thoughts, subconscious connections... FEELINGS. FEELINGS. This is the type of place where word vomit belongs! Tl;dr until the cows come home!

For those of you who are lazy or aren't sure how to organize your thoughts, or both, I've built a tiny template for you! Feel free to expand upon it, add symbols, add color, make it funny, whatever!

You don't have to use this, of course! Just a suggestion! Actually, I'd love for you guys to mod it for yourselves and make it work for you. Diversity is fun! :>

Additionally, see a character you wish you had CR with? Say so! Approach people, plan things, plot ideas, cry about your characters, bathe yourselves in silliness! Now is the time.

So go, young RPers! Go, and TL;DR about your characters, and forge pretendy funtime bonds that make you smile like a loser at the computer screen!

An easy breakdown:
1. Post your name in the subject line (if you have a subject line, that is).
2. Provide your characters and their journals in the body of the comment.
3. You reply to other people and other people reply to you with who you want relationship info on. Like JACK on JILL, or JILL on JACK. Feel free to fancify that as you wish.
4. Write, write, write! Try not to skimp! ;)
5. ???

Also, happy new year, everybody! ... I know it's tomorrow/day after tomorrow but shhhhhhhh.

i'm bored. amuse me with your relationship status.


  • Fill out the form.
  • Just fill out the form.
  • I want deets. Fill out the form.
  • Please? LJ is being a boner. Let's get back in the game.
  • Get your head in the game! -Zac Efron
  • Also, I am here now. Yes, I am. See you with the next list in January.

Character Name:

Shipanon, natch

Your Crack Ships for this Character:

I hear Kakashi's single

Your Ships for this Character that Might Be Happening:


Ships that Happened, Yo:


Assorted Logs + Threads + Deets + Passionate Explaining If You Feel Like It:

I don't need to prove my love. Geez...

If Forever Alone, Explain Plz:

Never alone. 8)

yo waazzzuuuuppp

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okay folks. i have a question. would anyone be interested in a GB group chat tonight? maybe over AIM or if some of you folks don't have AIM, tinychat or something along those lines?

it's been a while since we've done one and there's been a lot of new people since our last. anyone wanna give it a go?

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Apps open up in ~10 days! I thought it was time for one of these to prepare! Shamelessly stolen from the last Test Drive Meme! 8)
1. Take out journals that you are thinking of apping!
2. Alert your friends who don't check bistro!
3. Get your cheek out of your left hand
4. Tag around! I guess the most useful thing would be to tag around with your characters who are in the game, but anything goes.
5. Figure out if you want to app now that you have new knowledge of... happenings... and things.
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hearts meme

1. Post a blank comment with your character!
2. Reply in character to other comments with the appropriate hearts! copy pasting the stuff in the textbox beneath the hearts will allow you to do this aren't i generous
3. PRO....FIT...?? ICLY DISCUSS??? i don't know do what you want i'm not the boss of you

"i would kill you."

"i would physically or emotionally hurt you."

"i would like to get to know you better."

"i would spend time/have fun/be friends with you."

"i would rescue you/fight by your side."

"i would hug you or hold your hand."

"i would kiss you."

"i would date you."

"i would have sex with you."

"i would fall in love with you."


nnnnnicked this from soul_skirmish bite me
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[meme] my chick on the side said she got one on the way ★

The These are my Confessions Meme

1. Post with your characters confessing their darkest secrets and/or things they have been hiding from others.
2. Nobody will be able to lie in this meme or hide the truth. Not even the characters that reply to yours.
3. ???
4. Awkwardness times for all! And profit.

Ganked from here @ singularityderp


[meme] Something old, something new, something borrowed and something nuts...

Hear those churchbells a-ringin'? That's right, it's time for the....

Za Rulez:
1) Post with your character with their name and fandom in the subject line.
2) There is no rule #2.
3) Reply to any character you want.
4) Those two characters are now marriedmarriedMARRIED!
5) Play out married life. Bonus points if you have your characters play out the proposal, but marriage HAS to happen.
6) Because we've had a rash of stowaways in the last couple memes, this is a closed meme open only to characters and muns from the game gargleblasted. Thank you for understanding.
7) Have fun!
8) See rule #2.
Holy goop Batgirl.

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Hello, my name is ______

GB is a big game with a lot of people doing people things. While we do things ICly, we may not get to know the people behind the characters! So let's fix that with a get to know each other meme.

I HAVE ASSEMBLED A SERIES OF QUESTIONS THAT... MOST LIKELY... are useless in actually getting to know a person but screw it. I do what I want.

Copy paste this to your comment, reply to other people, AND MAKE FRIENDS. Yes.
through with driving techniques.
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gee is a meme slut what of it

in which today is a double meme day and if you don't like it that's tough i don't give a damn
e-except i do please don't judge me

the song drabble meme

It's pretty simple and fun, folks. This is how this works!
( 01 ) Have a playlist ready! Don't use all your songs--try and narrow it down a little.
( 02 ) Let everyone know how many songs you're working with. Also, which characters you would be willing to write about.
( 03 ) Others tag your post, picking a character or pairing or friendship or familial relationship or whatever, and then choose a number from your list.
( 04 ) Write a drabble related to that song, using that/those character(s)!

You only have the length of the song to write a drabble!
( Hence why you use a smaller list. These should be songs you're pretty well familiar with. :|b )

stolen from junefield 

the way i figure it, we can add these onto our group NaNo count if we need to make up words!!!