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00ne wrote in bistromatics

Wanted to ICly thread the giving of a gift but too lazy to do a whole log for them all? Well now you can do all your threads in one place, quick and easy!

1. Post your characters
2. Others will tag them ICly with their own characters
3. Play out the giving of whatever gifts they got this year!
4. ???
5. profit PRESENTS!!!

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[There's a box in your mailbox from Shuuichi, with a traditional hair accesory for you.]

[awwwwww so pretty!]

[looking for the card/tag/who's it from eeee she hopes she gave them cookies in exchange! :>]

[Of course! There's a pink card with a "Merry Christmas! -Shuuichi" written quite messily. Romanji isn't his strong point. ^^U]

[awwww that's okay Shuuichi she can read it fine 8) and luckily enough she dropped some cookies off at your place earlier! so yay!]

[goin' to try on her pretty hairthing wooo]

[COOOOOOOKIEEEES! He's getting drunk and sugar-rushed, awesome.

It loos so pretty on you! :>]

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